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TEEN PREGNANCY: There are solutions

  Breaking the cycle takes education, responsibility, concern         CHICKASAW COUNTY – While the number of teen pregnancies nationwide is dropping, Chickasaw County still has one of the highest rates in the country. In 2011, the last year for complete numbers, the state reported 29 births to teen mothers in Chickasaw County, […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Ending teen pregnancy

  Your Chickasaw Journal wraps up a five-week series today on teen pregnancy so the headline of this column has double meaning. I am a firm believer that words have power. A person’s name, a curse or something sweet whispered in someone’s ear. Words make things happen. We hope you have been reading these articles. […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Preparation key to child rearing

HOUSTON – “We make bad parents,” said Shelia Nabors of the Department of Human Services. “It is not our mission to take children away from their parents.” Nabors is the Community Educator for the region and said the role of DHS is often misunderstood. “People look at DHS as the bad guys,” Nabors said. “But […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Pregnant teens need help, support

CHICKASAW COUNTY – When a teenage girl and guy find out they are pregnant, they need help. Pregnant teens need lots of support, including social, medical, emotional and academic support. And it comes from family, school, church and the government. The statistics and stories published by the Chickasaw Journal over the past three weeks repeatedly […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: A new game plan

  HOUSTON – “Be patient, live your life,” is Greg PUlliam’s advice to teens. Pulliam knows well that a teen pregnancy will change everything about the way you planned to live it. The Houston High School graduate learned he would become a father in the fall of his senior year and knew immediately his plans […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Men must face responsibility of pregnancy

  CHICKASAW COUNTY – The father often plays a shadowy role in the bulk of teen pregnancies, but the numbers show that when men are active fathers the child, the mother and the man all do better. There was a day and age of shotgun weddings and social rules that said a boy and girl […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: They call me Dad

I’ve held a number of titles in my years. Reporter, Editor, Publisher, General Manager, Scoutmaster, R.A. Leader, Finance Committee Chairman, apprentice roofer and CDL certified truck driver. Some were more highfaluting than others, some paid better and all satisfied in one way or another. But my favorite title is Dad. No pay comes with that […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Mom traditionally carries the burden

    CHICKASAW COUNTY – It takes two to make a baby, but the burden of a teen pregnancy almost always rests on mom. While teen pregnancy does not carry the stigma of 20 years ago, there are still many hurdles a teenage girl must overcome to make a better life for herself and her […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Shempert’s life changed with pregnancy

HOUSTON – At 17, Lakyn Shempert’s plans for the future seemed to be coming together smoothly. The Houston senior had been scouted by community college softball coaches and planned to attend Northeast Mississippi Community College and either cheer or play ball. When she found out she was pregnant, all her plans went on hold. “I […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Numbers, News, Notes

NUMBERS 0 The number of teen births recorded by teens practicing true abstinence. 1 Mississippi ranked No. 1 and highest in teen births with a rate of 64.2 births per 1000 females aged 15-19, compared to the national rate of 39.1 births per 1000 U.S. females aged 15-19. 1 in 5 Nearly 1 in 5 […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: The facts of life

I am the father of four boys and the youngest is trying to get his driver’s license. At age 54, if the mother of my children came to me and said she was pregnant I would probably fall through the floor. I know the hurdles of raising children. I know the demands of a baby. […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Federal, state and community numbers show promise

CHICKASAW COUNTY – Nationally the number of teen pregnancies reported each year is falling but Mississippi and Chickasaw County are still above the national average in births to girls ages 15 to 19. The factors driving the drop in teen pregnancy on the national level are mixed and local professionals said Chickasaw County numbers also […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Five-part Series starts this week

CHICKASAW COUNTY – Nationwide the number is coming down, but teen pregnancy is still a chronic problem in rural, Northeast Mississippi. The Chickasaw Journal will embark this week on a five part series of stories looking hard at the factors that influence teen pregnancy, how our community and schools are addressing the issue and talk […]

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