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Congressman quizzes Solar Team

HOUSTON – Congressman Alan Nunnelee crawled inside the Houston Solar Car last week and took it for a spin around the parking lot. “Unbelieveable!” was all he could say when he crawled out a few minutes later. “I was at a groundbreaking this morning for a factory in Mantachie that is on the cutting edge […]

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All politics is local

A wise old politician once told me all politics is local. After watching campaigns, elections and political shenanigans for 25 years, I’ve come to the conclusion this is true. When you look at the national picture, you have to remember that it all filters down to a particular region or community heading to the polls […]

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City paychecks vary around county

CHICKASAW COUNTY – City fathers will tell your that anyone who runs for city office for the paycheck is doing it for the wrong reason. The post of mayor and aldermen in Woodland and Houlka are considered part-time posts and the amounts those city leaders are paid pale in comparison to the paychecks for similar […]

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