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DANIEL GARDNER: Show business over substance

The media is all abuzz about The Donald and last week’s debates on FOX. Calling the prime time event a “debate” is akin to calling a three-ring circus a serious inquiry into the origins of life. The earlier debate with the seven lower polling candidates in the GOP presidential race was much more informative. FOX’s […]

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Mixing religion and politics

“They” say one should never mix religion and politics. Interestingly, America’s Founders ensured a combination of freedom of religion and freedom of speech in a political context in the very first Amendment of the Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: A hot political summer

Hot weather continues to dominate coffee shop conversation around here. But look for the political rhetoric to start heating up over the next week. People are talking about what political candidate spent money on what project and what county roads got paved or at least graveled nicely over the past four years. They are talking […]

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DANIEL GARDNER: The “Good News” in Russia

DANIEL GARDNER: The “Good News” in Russia What did I miss while traveling in Russia the past two weeks? The Supreme Court passed a law making same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states; Obama celebrated by decorating the White House with a rainbow; media attention shifted quickly from Christians in Charlotte miraculously forgiving a murderer […]

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The ‘Extreme’ Left and Right

We’re living in ‘extreme’ times. The media remind us daily of how extreme this group or that group is, and the TEA Party has become the movement everybody loves to denigrate and vilify. Peter Wehner wrote a column in the New York Times asking, “Have Democrats pulled too far left?” Wehner contrasts President Clinton’s policies […]

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DANIEL GARDNER: Social issues are election issues

What roles will social issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, and religious freedom play in the 2016 presidential race? On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court decided abortion was a legal right, thus settling the debate … right! In January of this year an estimated 600,000 people marched in Washington to protest the legalization of abortion. […]

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Chris McDaniel slated to stop in Houston Thursday morning

The Chris McDaniel 2014 Campaign Bus Tour will stop at Moore’s Restaurant at 910 North Jackson Street at 9:30 a.m. Thursday to greet area residents. Senatorial candidate McDaniel is in a tight runoff race with longtime incumbent Senator Thad Cochran and this marks the first time either candidate has campaigned in Chickasaw County this year. Voters head […]

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FBI: Gunman dead

By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – Tupelo Police Sgt. Gale Stauffer’s widow and mother joined hands Sunday morning as they entered the BancorpSouth Arena to gather in a circle with other family and Tupelo police officers to pray. Minutes later, they stood alongside FBI Special Agent in Charge for Mississippi Daniel McMullen as he […]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Laura Funderburk

Dear Editor, As a citizen (and there is no other title that I can claim to hold) of the United States, but a citizen with at least a small amount of commonsense, I find the strategy of certain Democrats to refuse concessions concerning our budget to be irresponsible. Several years agok our current President bashed […]

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RAY GARRETT: Put armed guards in schools

Dear Editor, Fortunately for law abiding citizens the shameful and unconscionable efforts to the president and others to exploit the murder of American children for political gain recently failed in the Senate. However, the issue of the safety of American school children remains an issue which our government has a duty to address. Responsible citizens […]

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Dear Editor, There are many public uses in the media at this time. However, the failure of our Republican governor to take care of the needs of the needy and his staunch opposition to anything that President Obama stands for is leading us toward a crisis with respect to the funding of Medicaid. Governor Phil […]

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Church travels to Obama Inauguration

OKOLONA – When President Barack Obama was re-elected a group of local women quickly decided they wanted to take part in something historic and near to their heart. Nine women from Zion Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Okolona got on the bus in January to attend President Obama’s inauguration ceremonies and enjoy a whirlwind tour […]

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