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AG urges Christmas shoppers to remain alert

HOUSTON – In the busiest shopping time of the year Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood reminds consumers to shop with caution. “Whether you’re shopping at the mall or online, it is important for consumers to get prepared in order to not only save time and money, but also to avoid scams and identity thieves,” said […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Christmas in Houston

I have had the opportunity to live in several different communities and it is always neat to see how a neighborhood or town celebrates Christmas. The holidays are all about tradition and often locals don’t see those time-honored events for what they really mean to the community. Houston is no different. I repeatedly hear businesses, […]

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EDITORIAL: Collecting Fines

Most of us have probably “run afoul of the law” and been given a citation that we were required to pay or hauled into court and justice served with a more hefty fee and fine. The good folks of this world, admit their blunder, promise the judge they will be more careful and pay their […]

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LOCAL FOCUS: 389 Grocery

It’s work, work, work but John Fred Lancaster said he would have it no other way. And 389 Grocery has been very busy serving customers as quickly as possible from dawn to dusk six days a week as long as it has been located at the corner of Highway 389, Jackson Street and Woodland Circle. […]

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LOCAL FOCUS: Roam Boutique

HOUSTON – Roam Boutique is that special little place that offers that special little touch to today’s fashion conscious customer. The store specializes in young contemporary and women’s fashion apparel and accessories. They also offer gift item such as pottery and Arthur Court tableware. They have a bridal registry, too. A quick trip inside instantly […]

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PSC program helps new businesses with gas bill

HOUSTON – As the former mayor of Nettleton, Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley said he routinely had small business owners come to him seeking grants and assistance. And Presley was in Houston Aug. 21, to tout the state’s energy incentive program for new small businesses that has already helped 1,032 new businesses with over $700,000 […]

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Rewarding excellence

HOUSTON – The gifts ranged from $100 bills and Ipods to snowcones and an extra recess, but the real reward was a smile and the satisfaction of a job well done. Houston Upper Elementary School and the PACE Foundation presented awards to more than 350 students Thursday for high achievement on last year’s MCT2 (Mississippi […]

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Community support key to Sundancer success

HOUSTON – The Houston Solar Race program started on a shoestring back in 1995 and things haven’t really changed much over the years. When Houston electricity teacher, Keith Reese, came up with the idea of creating a solar-powered car, there was no money in the school budget to cover costs. And there’s not much more […]

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AWARDS NIGHT: Houston High School lauds students

HOUSTON — Upperclassmen at Houston schools were presented with certificates and honors at Awards Night at the Houston Auditorium Tuesday, May 21. The evening saw local businesses, civic organizations, colleges and families hand out scholarships and accolades to hundreds of students. “The best way I can describe this class is fantastic,” said Houston High School […]

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Baird Machine Shop celebrates 100 years in downtown Houston

HOUSTON – One hundred years ago, O.E. Baird and E.E. Baird bought a shop downtown and this month the third generation of Bairds will celebrate a century of work at that location. Bobby, Doug and Rob Baird still go to work at the shop at 221 North Jefferson each day turning parts, forging fittings and […]

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DARRICK WHITFIELD: How do you treat your precious gift?

2 Peter 1:5-8 Because you have these blessings, do your best to add these things to your lives: to your faith, add goodness; and to your goodness, add knowledge; and to your knowledge, add self-control; and to your self-control, add patience; and to your patience, add service for God; and to your service for God, […]

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LOCAL FOCUS: Dixieland Furniture Mfg.

There are lots of furniture factories in Chickasaw County but few that have been around since 1976. Dixieland Furniture Manufacturing opened 37 years ago making sofas, loveseats and chairs and has found their niche in a industry with lots of ups and downs. The company continues to make upholstered furniture at the factory east of […]

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ELECTIONS: Qualifications and Paychecks

Special to the Chickasaw Journal CHICKASAW COUNTY – Paychecks for aldermen in Chickasaw County’s four municipalities vary based on population and tax base. Okolona pays its mayor and city marshal the best, but aldermen are paid less than cities of similar size. Okolona’s mayor is paid $32,000 a year or $2,666.67 a month. The city […]

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