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BILLY McCORD: As I see it

For 35 years, I watched the weather and worried about tornadoes hitting a school while the students were present. Those of us who have ever worked in public schools know the awesome responsibility we have of protecting the most precious possession that people have, their children. The thing I always feared most happened on November […]

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Have you ever listened to all the fussing and fuming from people about our country? I refer to citizens who cannot find anything good about the U.S.A. Before I go any further, I also have complaints, but when I count the value of U.S. citizenship I cease my mumbling and give thanks to God that […]

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As I see it

Not many weeks ago, I fussed about the cold weather bothering my plants and how uncomfortable the cold was. I wished for warmer weather and some sunshine. I was not alone because I heard a number of people doing the same thing. We quickly got warmer weather and some sunshine. In fact we got some […]

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