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FLOYD INGRAM: It’s the little things . . .

I’ve found as I get older that I am not wowed by great events and grand dreams that draw me so intensely. I’ve discovered it is the little things and smaller moments that catch my eye, intrigue me and make me think. Yes, I still have a couple of big ideas that I want to […]

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LETTER: Ruth Carter

Please help keep Van Vleet clean Dear Editor, Around 1962, MDOT updated Hwy 32 at Van Vleet, cutting off a large triangular chunk of land belonging to Hugh Paden. This triangle was an ugly, naked cliff of yellow dirt that marked the entrance to the village’s main street. At that time, Van Vleet boasted a […]

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The cost of crime

  When I sit down to plan my budget at home, I start with the things I cannot avoid paying. The light bill, the phone bill, the water bill, the mortgage – and of course my taxes. It’s the same with sitting down to figure out the budget for city and county government. They start […]

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