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Trick-or-treat around the Square

HOUSTON – Chickasaw Development Foundation, along with businesses, merchants and church organizations, are sponsoring a night of fun Oct. 31 for children, but priority one is safety and that comes from organization. “Obviously we want the children to have fun, but ultimately safety is our number one concern,” said CDF Executive Director Joyce East. The […]

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Read-A-Thon set for HLES

HOUSTON – The Fourth Annual Read-A-Thon is underway at Houston Lower Elementary School and parents and the community are being urged to support the program. Parent volunteers and teachers with the Positive Behavior Intervention Support program fanned out over town last week to solicit donations for the effort that benefits HLES. “It was a great […]

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EDITORIAL: Slow down

Classes begin across Chickasaw County this week and if you drive a vehicle we expect you to slow down and be ever mindful that kids are back on the street. Those big yellow school buses are painted that color for a reason and even a glimpse of that shade should shout caution to any responsible […]

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EDITORIAL: Public schools, public money

This country was founded by people in tax revolt. Our forefathers threw off the reigns of Mother England not because of human rights abuses, boundary disputes, political differences or religious views, but because they felt they were being unfairly taxed by a king thousands of miles away. That righteous and rebellious mindset still runs in […]

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Dachshund delights BabySteps readers

Special to the Chickasaw Journal OKOLONA – The children and staff at BabySteps, Inc., in Okolona have been spending this summer expanding their horizons through reading. The summer reading theme is “Great Books for Great Children,” and the group started off the first week of June reading “Whistle for Willie.” The book introduces a little […]

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When I grow up

HOUSTON – Some children and youth struggle with their plans for adulthood, but Tyler Thomas has already set his cap for the future. Thomas, 7, states emphatically he wants to be a policeman when he grows up and has already made friends on the force in Houston. “Every time he sees us, he’s just fascinated,” […]

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Work never stops for stay-at-home mom   Editor’s Note: This is the first of four articles on area women making a difference in their community.   HOUSTON – Stay-at-home mom is a career most women look toward with envy, but like any job it’s a lot of hard work and there are days you wish […]

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BabySteps introduces new director

OKOLONA – The only new direction Dr. Dawn Weed wants to carry BabySteps is up. The new executive director of BabySteps said the organization is sound, the strategy is solid and the program does help parents get children ready for kindergarten. “I am so excited to be part of this organization and look forward to […]

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Houlka residents Race for Donations

HOULKA – They only allow 10 people per team at the Mississippi Organ Recovery/Donate Life Mississippi 5K. So the team from Houlka picked 10 people, formed a cheer-leading squad and even carried their own fans who sat in chairs and pulled for the home team as they honored the memory of Mekenzie Young, an 8-year-old […]

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Dr. STEVE COKER: It’s never over

I can’t help but notice that when we have programs for our Lower Elementary children what great attendance we have from the parents. These little ones are cute and cuddly and certainly need our care and guidance. But what happens as these precious children begin to go forward in their growth? As children move into […]

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Rebels with a cause

OXFORD -  A new service group comprised of students at the University of Mississippi is swinging into action to help the Children’s Miracle Network. RebelTHON will be held April 5-6 from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. at the Jackson Avenue Center in Oxford. The event is based on a dance marathon, but not limited to […]

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Bringing children Upward

HOUSTON – Another season of Upward basketball is in the bag, or in the basket, as the case may be and organizers are thankful for the support they received from the community, although more is always needed. The ninth season of the Christian-based youth basketball season saw a drought of volunteers that resulted in cutting […]

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