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FLOYD INGRAM: My Chickasaw Journal job-jar

At my house we have a job-jar. It’s a jar filled with jobs Sara feels need tending to on the Ingram Plantation. We’ve had this system for the past 20-years. I wake up most Saturday mornings and pull out a job. When it’s finished I pull out another. The job-jar has never been empty. It’s […]

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BILLY McCord: As I See It

Having been born and raised in Calhoun County, I should be prepared to see about anything. I have seen both black and brown large cats (not house cats), timber wolves and recently a single bald eagle. As I was making my way from Bruce to Shady Grove for our 9 a.m. service, I was stopped […]

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BILLY McCORD: As I see it

I have seen some interesting bear stories on Facebook lately. One of the stories featured a bear chasing a hunter up a tree. It was told to be the truth although I have some healthy doubts. After reading about the bear I was reminded of a bear story coming out of Calhoun County many years […]

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