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FLOYD INGRAM: Ready, Aim, Fireworks!

This nation was shaped by gunpowder. That daring American spirit that fostered this country’s independence is the same one that prompts most of us to own a firearm and shoot fireworks. Shooting fireworks inside the city limits of Houston on July 4 is the only form of civil disobedience tolerated at the Ingram household and […]

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DANIEL GARDNER: Truth inside the culture war

Winners, or at least survivors of wars write the history of those wars. The same is true of culture wars, and the winners of America’s culture battles are the progressives. Besides winners, losers and survivors, we also see victims. Many fear truth has become a victim if not a villain in our culture wars. Consider […]

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EDITORIAL: Let’s go to work!

Chickasaw County’s unemployment statistics released last week offer an encouraging statement about the area’s economy, perhaps the strongest affirmation so far of a comeback after the Great Recession late in the first decade of the century. After more than eight years of averaging a double digit jobless rate, it looks like folks are going back […]

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SONNY SCOTT: Do the POTUS and FLOTUS have sisters?

  Whoever coined the term, “brutally honest,” may have had a sister in mind. From time immemorial, sisters have served a vital social role by keeping their brothers grounded. The first inkling that most guys get that they’re nothing special and that their behavior is gross probably came from a sister. Mothers and grandmas dote […]

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DANIEL GARDNER: Supreme Court vs. religious values

The First Amendment begins: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….” The first part is called the “establishment clause,” and the second part is called the “free exercise clause.” They are two separate and independent rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Progressives are so anti-religion they vilify […]

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Reader success stories

By Jill Cataldo CTW Features Last week, I gave readers a glimpse inside some of the more difficult emails I receive from readers. Many request personalized help in cutting their grocery bills. Others have taken the knowledge I continue to share in this column and via other channels and implemented it, sharing impressive stories of […]

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The ‘Extreme’ Left and Right

We’re living in ‘extreme’ times. The media remind us daily of how extreme this group or that group is, and the TEA Party has become the movement everybody loves to denigrate and vilify. Peter Wehner wrote a column in the New York Times asking, “Have Democrats pulled too far left?” Wehner contrasts President Clinton’s policies […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: By the numbers

There is a saying in the newspaper business that there is no bad news or good news: just news. The idea is ones perspective on an issue determines if it is positive or negative. The sting of one political party is the salve to another. The storm that blows through a town provides jobs for […]

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Changes to inmate program will hurt cities

By Floyd Ingram Chickasaw Journal CHICKASAW COUNTY – They are used for everything from trimming city property and digging into drainage problem to picking up trash along county roads and general labor at community events. Changes to the Mississippi Department of Corrections policy of sending state inmates to county facilities have local supervisors and mayors […]

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EDITORIAL: Let’s get on the Trail

The U.S. Department of Interior and National Parks Services has named the Tanglefoot Trail as one of 10 in the nation to be designated as a National Recreation Trail. That’s a pretty high honor for our trail that opened in October 2012 and has yet to mark its third birthday. “By designating these exceptional trails […]

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Traditional values becoming abnormal

Traditional values are not what they used to be. Gallup reports Americans have become much more liberal regarding social issues over the past decade. For the first time since Gallup began measuring Americans’ views of social issues, those who consider themselves to have liberal views equal the number of those who consider themselves to have […]

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JOE ELLIOTT: Ode to Bobbie Gentry’s masterpiece

“It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day…” That is the wonderful opening line to one of the best-selling and best tunes of the 1960s, Bobbie Gentry’s hauntingly beautiful “Ode to Billie Joe.” Outwardly the song is a mystery about the nature of a relationship between a young girl and a boy […]

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Kelly win 1st District seat to Congress

  Sp ecial to the Chickasaw Journal HOUSTON – Republican Trent Kelly won the race for Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District but Chickasaw County Democrats did not give up without a fight. The Saltillo District Attorney easily defeated Democrat Howard Zinn in the overall Northeast Mississippi race and will now fill the post of former Congressman […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: The best we can produce

Hundreds of our young men and women from Houston, Okolona and Houlka graduated from high school this week. They lined up in their caps and gown and strolled across the floor or field to pick up their high school diploma as their full name was called over the public address system. While parents and grandparents […]

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