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BOB SCOTT: Look at the numbers

BOB SCOTT: Look at the numbers Dear Editor, Much has been said about the upcoming Tourist Tax Election on Aug. 11, 2015. Some are saying that this is a 14-percent tax that will be used for street improvements or any other purpose that the city board decides. This is completely wrong! Actually it is a […]

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ROBERT TOMEY: Tourism tax needs clarity

Dear Editor, It seems that people are not really clear about the upcoming tourist tax vote. I hope, with my ad, I have been able to shed some light on this tax. I do not believe the public had been fully informed, as it should have been. Thanks to Mr. Jolly for getting this issue […]

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LEE NABORS: I support Tourism Tax

LEE NABORS: I support Tourism Tax Dear Editor, Please vote yes for the tourism tax on August 11. As a business owner when I here the word tax, I usually get concerned. This one-percent tourism tax is different because it is fair, reasonable and necessary for a town like Houston to prosper and grow. I […]

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JAMES BLACK: Candidate responds to column

JAMES BLACK: Candidate responds to column Dear Editor, In response to the article on page 4a on 7/22/15 about local candidates flying a plane. I know several people in Chickasaw Co. that can fly a plane. Some are self taught and some are taught in the armed services and other in school. They have to […]

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Runoff races for Sheriff, Chancery and two Supervisors

  EDITOR’S NOTE: Click the “View Today’s Election Results” box at the top of this page to get complete Chickasaw County, Northeast Mississippi and statewide election results.   By Floyd Ingram Chickasaw Journal CHICKASAW COUNTY – Chuquatonchee Creek divides the county physically and Tuesday night election results show it divides it politically. Forty-seven percent of […]

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PERS retirees must stay vigilant

Dear Editor, Two years ago, a bill was introduced into legislature to make changes to the Public Employees Retirement System, know as “PERS.” This bill was sponsored by Senator Nancy Collins of Tupelo. The introduction of this bill had the support of some Republican senators and representatives as well as the leadership in both houses. […]

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Mayors takes issue with column

Dear Editor, I felt compelled to pen this letter because of the erroneous statement printed by this publication on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. In the column, written by Floyd Ingram, he alluded to the indictment of a Union County Circuit Clerk for voter fraud. The writer went on to suggest that there were “questionable” actions […]

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Wake up America, move forward

Dear Editor, Wake up America its high noon and high time to face reality, time to grasp those things that hinder us from moving forward. Those obstacle that cause us to stumble into a spider web, not knowing how to escape. Let me expound briefly on the ruling, on same sex marriage ordeal. It has […]

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DANIEL GARDNER: The “Good News” in Russia

DANIEL GARDNER: The “Good News” in Russia What did I miss while traveling in Russia the past two weeks? The Supreme Court passed a law making same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states; Obama celebrated by decorating the White House with a rainbow; media attention shifted quickly from Christians in Charlotte miraculously forgiving a murderer […]

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DANIEL GARDNER: Love and Hate Love and hate: we’ve seen extreme examples of both in Charleston, and both have evoked responses of nearly unanimous incredulity. The hatred of the young white man who murdered nine innocent black believers who had joined together to pray and study the Bible was perhaps more shocking than other mass […]

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MINNIE JO HILL: Clean up the park

MINNIE JO HILL: Clean up the park Dear Editor, I haven’t been able to keep the great-grands lately but was feeling well and kept them Wednesday. I decided to get them some lunch and go to the park to eat and play. They were so excited, and so was I until we got there. I […]

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Houlka struggles to rebuild school

  By Hank Wiesner Special to the Chickasaw Journal HOULKA – The Houlka School District is moving closer to cleaning the site of a fire that destroyed part of Houlka Attendance Center – the district’s only school — in July, 2014, but it’s been a process mired in red tape, Superintendent Betsy Collums said recently. […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Three big decisions this summer

I do like politics, but 25-plus years of watching it with a pen in my hand has taught me not to get too close or too involved. My father said something once about you can’t stir that pot without getting some of it on you. As usual, he was right. We’ve watched the campaigns this […]

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SONNY SCOTT: Winning the culture war

Let’s try a thought experiment. Let’s imagine a group of people who endured hundreds of years of social upheaval: war, dispossession, impressments into the service of foreign armies, transport to strange and hostile climes where they were forced into service of a class of people inimical to their interests and prejudicial toward them as a […]

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