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STEVE COKER: The Wisdom of Potatoes

Years ago I heard how Dad and his father would fill the back of the old pick-up truck with Irish potatoes for market. On the way to town, which was thirty miles away, they would take the longest, roughest road to get there. By the time they got to market, the potatoes had sorted themselves […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Sticks and stones . . .

She came in our office the other day and I love her to death. She watched me grow up and remembers when I threw papers in a sleepy little Southern town called West Point. She was the first person to call me by my nick-name and welcome me to Houston. But she was mad as […]

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EDITORIAL: The Power of Pink

The Chickasaw Journal and newspapers across Northeast Mississippi that are part of Journal Publishing Inc., will highlight Breast Cancer Awareness this month. Your Chickasaw Journal will publish pages with breast cancer news and information every Wednesday this month in an effort to highlight a disease that will be diagnosed in 207,090 women for the first […]

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RENEE CUNNINGHAM: Common Core: New math isn’t new

There are a lot of complaints from parents about the Common Core State Standards, or CCSS, for short. Interestingly, many of the complaints are about the elementary school math. The CCSS is basically the list of what understandings students are to have by the end of the given grade level. The controversy mostly surrounds the […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: “Hail Dear Old State”

I wrote a headline Monday, stopped and almost cried. “MSU ranked No. 1 in nation” You can read it yourself on the top of our Sports Page. And unlike television, radio or the Internet you can also use the corner of that page to dab your eyes if you get emotional, too. Newspapers are the […]

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RENEE CUNNINGHAM: Common Core: Teach it, test it

Parents have started to talk to me about the work their children are doing in school, which is a good thing! The other day a parent showed me reading worksheet for 1st graders. The worksheet had a reading passage on the front with questions on the back. The passage was about 10 sentences, with a […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: It’s time for homecoming

It’s time for homecoming Autumn weather moved in this week and while the leaves have not started to turn, fall is here. Fall means harvest, family gatherings and football for me. Things slow down just a little bit around here before they speed back up for the holiday and year-end close. After events of this […]

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Letter to the editor; CAROLYN KOLB

Dear Senator Cochran, You are a true statesman! You have knowledge and understanding of all aspects of national and state government. Your strong background, support, and service in the military help you know the importance of a strong national defense and also you know first hand how to support our brave men and women who […]

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RENEE CUNNINGHAM: Common Core targets future jobs

I hope by now that my message in these columns is clear. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are not the work of the devil, and not directly, at least, the work of the federal government to bring down states’ rights. The CCSS is a list of standards that tells teachers the concepts and skills […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Fourth quarter

It’s the start of the last quarter and the season to check the goals and direction for this year. The rain, while it has helped most farmers and ranchers, has been a thorn in the flesh for construction companies seeking a sunny sky to hammer and saw under. It is so easy to get busy […]

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RENEE CUNNINGHAM: Common Core; Do the math

The Common Core State Standards are still the focus of debate of many politicians. Some argue that it is federal government interfering in state education. For the most part those allegations lost traction at the state level through failed court battles. But contention remains within both political parties. Although it seems that it is predominantly […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Heeding good counsel

I have always benefited from good counsel. Whether it was my mother teaching me to be polite with playmates at a young age or my father pointing out the finer points of a roadside discussion with the highway patrol, good advice can save you a lot of heartache and money. As I have gotten older […]

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EDITORIAL: Economic Fun

Do you like making a dollar? That’s a question every American can truthfully answer without one bit of guilt or shame. This country and this community was founded by capitalist who spotted an opportunity, put the wheels in motion and carried the proceeds from their labor to the bank. That opportunity comes to Houston this […]

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Dear Editor, This letter is concerning the Houston School District policy on not allowing the usage of the school facilities by teachers and former administrators for events of personal and public interest. I, Zora Cousin, requested the usage of the Houston High School Auditorium to hold by husband’s, Warren G. Cousin, Sr., funeral services. I […]

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