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Pontotoc liquor OK’d by two votes

By David Helms Pontotoc Progress PONTOTOC – After waiting seven days for a mandatory deadline to pass, the sale of liquor inside the city limits of Pontotoc was approved by two votes late Tuesday when four photo affidavit ballots were counted by the Pontotoc City Election Commission. After poll ballots, absentee ballots and 50 nonphoto […]

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Cassandra Pulliam appointed Circuit Clerk

HOUSTON – Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors President David Gene Walters appointed Cassandra Pulliam as Circuit Clerk Wednesday. Pulliam was sworn by Circuit Court Judge John Gregory about 10 a.m., as members of the Board of Supervisors, family and friends looked on in the Houston Courthouse courtroom. The ceremony was followed by a session of […]

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Houston gets grant for fire loop

HOUSTON – The Economic Development Administration (EDA) has approved a $1.47 million investment grant to help construct a new water system to serve current and future tenants at Houston’s industrial park. The funding will cover just over half of the projected $2.94 million cost of the project. The City of Houston applied for the competitive […]

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Pontotoc liquor vote tied with five ballots out

By David Helms Pontotoc Progress PONTOTOC – With only five photo affidavit ballots left to possibly count, the legalization of liquor sales inside the city of Pontotoc still hangs in the balance. The vote, for the moment, is tied. Those five ballots will not change the final outcome of beer/light wine sales, which was unofficially […]

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Mississippi aims to apply for federal preschool grant

By Jeff Amy Associated Press JACKSON – The Mississippi Department of Education plans to seek grants from the federal government worth up to $15 million a year for four years to expand an existing pre-kindergarten program. That money could boost Mississippi’s fledgling effort to provide state-paid preschool for 4-year-olds. Supporters had hoped lawmakers would expand […]

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ER closes, clinic opens at Trace

HOUSTON – It was not quite as simple as putting up new signs and constructing a new waiting room, but those were the most visible changes when Trace Regional Hospital closed its emergency room and opened its clinic last week. The hospital went from offering emergency room services to rural clinical services at 9 a.m. […]

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Houston WalMart target of bomb scare

HOUSTON – A bomb scare at the local WalMart was apparently part of a wider scam to extort money from businesses across Northeast Mississippi Wednesday afternoon. The Houston store was contacted by phone about 2 p.m. and told to wire money to a “green money card” or a bomb would be detonated in the store. […]

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Liquor defeated, beer apparently approved in Pontotoc

By Regina Butler Pontotoc Progress PONTOTOC – Unofficial results in Tuesday’s special election showed Pontotoc residents approved the legalization of beer sales, while the legalization of liquor sales was narrowly defeated. Unofficial results Tuesday night are still subject to the counting of 55 affidavit ballots which will be counted on Sept. 24, officials said. Unofficial […]

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County opens bids for AgriCenter roof

HOUSTON – Chickasaw County Supervisors opened bids to repair the roof of the Chickasaw County AgriCenter last week with Century Construction of Tupelo getting the work for a price of $72,000. The AgriCenter was awarded a grant of $250,00 for repairs of the 40-year-old metal coliseum south of Houston by the state this spring and […]

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City changes procedures for Parks & Rec cash receipts

HOUSTON – Aldermen have changed the way cash is handled at the Houston and Parks & Recreation Department and at all city locations. The board voted on a list of new procedures last week that will require immediate deposit of cash into local bank drop boxes and a series of new checks and balances to […]

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Topper Zone grand opening

Family, friends and Chickasaw Development Foundation members gathered at Topper Zone for a Grand Opening recently. The business at 327 First Avenue in Houston offer inflatables, concessions and party space to church groups, school events and family birthday events. Topper Zone is operated Karen Hill and they can be reached to book community events by […]

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Houston proposes tax hike

HOUSTON – City taxpayers will see their millage rate go up but their actual tax bill will probably stay the same. The county’s revaluation of property saw real property values go down this year generating few dollars for city coffers. To offset the drop, the Houston Board of Aldermen are looking to raise the millage […]

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Supervisors open ambulance bids

HOUSTON – When the clinic at Trace Regional closes at 9 p.m., each night, ambulance service suddenly becomes a critical care service for all residents of Chickasaw County. Trace Regional Hospital in Houston closed their emergency room Monday and replaced it with a rural clinic open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a […]

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EDITORIAL: Emergency Service

Trace Regional Hospital in Houston closed their emergency room at 9 a.m. sharp Monday and it is too early to tell the full ramifications of that move. But we do know this: Ambulance service in Chickasaw County has now become a very critical issue. With no emergency room in this county from 9 p.m. to […]

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