Houlka sports banquet

Houlka High School held a combined sports award banquet May 13, recognizing student athletes from all sports throughout the year.

Football awards
n Coaches award, Sawyer Byars
n Most Improved, Anthony Boyd
n Mr. Versatility, Tyreque Reed
n Best Lineman, Josh Clair
n Best Special Teams, Wyatt Esterly
n Best Deffensive Player, Q. Beaty
n Best Offensive Player, James Buggs
n. Most Valuable Player, Larry Jones
n All Division 1-1A, Larry Jones

Slow-pitch softball
n Most Runs, Chianne Edington
n Most Hits, Paige Graves
n Most RBI award, Paige Graves
n Most Patience,Temp Webb
n Rookie of the Year, Kyanna Hollin
n Outfield award, Cassie Homan
n Infield award, Chianne Edington, Paige Graves
n .400 club, Jesse Moore, Cassie Homan, Paige Graves
n All Division 4-1A, Paige Graves, Cassie Homan, Chianne Edington
n Honorable Mention Division 4-1A, Cara Martin, Jesse Moore, Kyanna Hollin

Girl’s basketball
n MVP, Chianne Edington
n Best Offensive Player, Chainne Edington
n Best Defensive Player, Saydee Moss
n Hustle award, Tyesha Atkinson
n Best Free-Throw Shooter, Chianne Edington
n Rebound award, Kayanna Hollin
n Most Assists award, Cassie Homan
n 3-Point award, Tyesha Atkinson
n Co-Captain’s award, Jamesha Word, Jesse Moore, Saydee Moss
n Sixth Man award, Tykella Cunningham
n Rookie award, Kyanna Hollin
n Coach’s award, Jesse Moore
n All Division District 4-1A, Chianne Edington, Cassie Homan
n Honorable Mention 4-1A, Jesse Moore, Jamesha Word

Boy’s basketball
n MVP, Tyreque Reed
n Best Offensive Player, Tyreque Reed
n Best Defensive Player, Dillon Easley
n Hustle award, Craig Peden
n Best Free Throw award, Lawrence Gladney
n Rebound award, Tyreque Reed
n Most Assists award, Lewis Moore
n 3-Point award, Tyreque Reed
n Co-Captain’s award, Craig Peden, Titus White, Dillon Easley
n Sixth Man award, James Buggs
n Rookie award, Madarius Hobson
n Coach’s award, Titus White
n All Division Distirct 4-1A, Craig Peden, Tyreque Reed, Lewis Moore
n Honorable Mention 4-1A, Titus White, Dillon Easley

n MVP, Tyreque Reed
n Outfield award, Wyatt Eserly
n Infield award, Dillon Easley
n Highest Average, Tyreque Reed (.596)
n Most Times on Base, Tyreque Reed (46)
n Most Home Runs, Tyreque Reed, (4)
n Most Positions Played, Jonathan Huffman
n Most RBI, Tyreque Reed (21)
n Catching award, Sawyer Byars
n Pitching award, Marquis Vance
n Most Stickers award, Tyreque Reed (35)
n Black and Blue award (HBP), Marquis Vance (7)
n Most Sacrifice award, Sawyer Byars, (9)
n Most Patience Walks award, Josh Clair (11)
n Most Runs Scored, Tyreque Reed, (24)
n Come-Back Player of the Year, Titus White
n Stolen Bases award, Craig Peden, (5)
n .300 Club, Craig Peden (.382), Marquis Vance (.365)
n .400 Club, Josh Clair (.400)
n .500 Club, Tyreque Reed (.596)
n Co-Offensive Player of the Year, Tyreque Reed
n First Team All Region 4-1A, Tyreque Reed, Marquis Vance
n Second Team All Region 4-1A, Craig Peden, Josh Clair
n Honorable Mention 4-1A, Dillon Easley

Boy’s track
n Ironman MVP, James Buggs
n Most Valuable Sprinter, Keshun Gunn
n Most Valuable Distance, Greg Earp
n Most Valuable Field, James Buggs
n Rookie of the Year, Alex Pearson

Girl’s track
n Ironwoman MVP, Somaiya Moore
n Most Valuable Field, Somaiya Moore
n Most Valuable Sprinter, Naveah Moore, Deborah Buggs
n Rookie of the Year, Asia Vance

School Records Set
2012 Triple Jump, James Buggs
2013 4×400

Fast-pitch softball
n Most Hits, Chianne Edington
n Most Runs Scored, Cara Martin
n Most RBI, Kyann Hollin
n Utility Player of the Year, Paige Graves
n Most Patience, Temp Webb
n Most HBP, Somaiya Moore
n Defensive Player of the Year, Kyanna Hollin
n Offensive Player of the Year, Cassie Homan
n Coach’s award, Jesse Moore
n Most Improved, Asia Vance
n Most Diverse Player of the Year, Savannah Day
n .300 Club, Cassie Homan (379), Chianne Edington (.368), Temp Webb (.305)
n All Division 4-1A, Cara Martin, Cassie Homan, Chianne Edington
n Honorable Mention 4-1A, Kyanna Hollin, Paige Graves
n Senior award, Danyelle BlackCourtesy photos Wildcat awards winners were Dillon Easley and Saydee Moss.