Houston Schools offer new communication service to parents

LOGO HOUSTON School RAMHOUSTON – In today’s technological world, quick and easy communication is always at one’s fingertips and the Houston School District is offering parents one more way to stay in touch.

The district revamped their website this year to offer more information and services including site-specific updates from each school.
By going to the district website at www.houston.k12.ms.us and clicking the “Notify Me” icon, parents can request information be sent by either text message or email.
Miriam Garner, librarian at Houston High School, has been working on the school’s site and believes parents will be pleased at the amount of information available.
“Coach Boyer sends out reminders about holidays, testing and upcoming events,” Garner said. “It will also be used for emergency releases. We are working on a parent’s page and it has a principal’s corner where he can publish newsletters. Yearbook forms are alredy on there with more of that kind of thing coming. Calendars are in use and we are working on ways to keep them as current as possible.”
Garner has more plans for photos and school events, a PBIS page and possibly even maps to away sporting events.
“It is still in its beginning stages but we are working hard,” Garner said.
District IT Director, Shane Presley, said the school sites are available for parent groups, like PTO, to list meeting times and other events.
“If the individual PTOs or Booster Clubs would like to set up a “Notify Me” section they will need to contact me,” Presley said.
Each school has a designated person to handle the website and notifications and each can be reached via email.

•   HLES, Brandy Presley, bpresley@houston.k12.ms.us

•    HUES, Rebecca Wortham, rwortham@houston.k12.ms.us
•    HMS, Danna Harrell, dharrell@houston.k12.ms.us

•    HHS, Miriam Garner, mgarner@houston.k12.ms.us
•    Votech, Patricia Ellison, pellison@houston.k12.ms.us
•    District Office, Shane Presley, spresley@houston.k12.ms.us

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