The Power of Pink

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNERThe Chickasaw Journal and newspapers across Northeast Mississippi that are part of Journal Publishing Inc., will highlight Breast Cancer Awareness this month.

This newspaper brought you a special edition this week with stories and photos on this issue. The Chickasaw Journal will publish two pages of breast cancer news and information every Wednesday this month in an effort to highlight a disease that will be diagnosed in 207,090 women for the first time this year.

We will tell women how to check for this disease. We will tell people where to go for help and how to find answers to questions they have.

Will also tell the stories of the women and families who have suffered from this disease and of the organizations who are working hard to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer.

This newspaper hopes something we write will save a life. We hope something we print will let people know there are others in our community living with breast cancer.

We hope we can give people hope as they battle this disease.

There is much left to do.

The mortality rate for White women diagnosed with this disease has decreased during the past 20 years. But the mortality rate for Black and Hispanic women has gone up.

The cause of breast cancer remains elusive. There is no single cure and probably never will be.

But all the research and data does show that catching this type of cancer early and treating it aggressively is critical to survival.

The Chickasaw Journal is glad to bring you the stories and information needed to catch and beat this disease. We are glad to champion those who are fighting this disease.

The role of any newspaper is to provide its readers with the facts and information they need to live better lives. The Chickasaw Journal hopes we can accomplish that in some small way this month.

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