HMS students rise to the challenge of MCT2

LOGO HOUSTON School RAMHOUSTON – The staff and administration of Houston Middle School issued a challenge last school term and their students rose to the challenge.

The goal for the school was to raise their QDI ranking to 200 and, while school rankings have not yet been released, individual student efforts on the MCT2 tests and eighth-grade science test are largely the determining factor.
142 youth who were sixth-, seventh- and eight-grade students during the 2012-13 academic year were recognized for their efforts in raising their scores on one or both of the MCT2 tests by at least ten points and 168 scored advanced or proficient on both the Language Arts and math sections of the test.
Assistant Principal Susan Weaver congratulated the students on the hard work.
“You guys improved in every area for the first time since – I don’t know when,” Weaver said.
Weaver also told students to keep working toward educational excellence, relating it to adult life after school.
“This is your job right now,” Weaver said.
The 2012-13 eighth-graders, now freshmen at Houston High School, joined their former classmates in the HHS auditorium while this term’s sixth-graders returned to Houston Upper Elementary School for their awards program.
Weaver credited the current freshman class for their efforts, including the recognition of Alex Springer for a perfect score in math and Malik Lawrence for scoring perfect in Algebra. Both received a tablet as a reward for their success. Springer also scored advanced in all four areas of testing.
Weaver encouraged this year’s students to excell past the example set by the freshman class.
“They did a really great job,” Weaver said. “Now, you beat them. This is just like any game, football or softball. You shoot to win.”
Sixth and seventh grade students were tested on Language Arts and math, while eighth-grade students were tested on Language Arts, math, science and Algebra I.

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