Two is too many

Submitted by Barbara Moore


Courtesy Barbara Moore is shown with the second snake she found at her home. Everyone that knows me knows I am an animal lover. I live on Pyland Road, which older people call “Rattlesnake Ridge”. Twice this week I have had unwelcome visitors.

My sister in law, Linda Kay Spencer Moore, and her grand-daughter, Emma Phillips, were visiting and playing with my chihuahua puppies. One of the puppies got behind our grill on the patio. As Emma was trying to get the puppy from behind the grill I spotted a cotton mouth water moccasin slithering out of the trash can beside the grill.
I was frightened as she was oblivious to how close the snake was to her. But, we got the snake from under the grill and sadly to say it went to snake heaven.
Four nights later I was working with my flowers on the front porch. I saw something from the corner of my eye slithering towards the right corner of my porch. I called Larry, my husband, to help me get it (not that I wasn’t confident I could handle the situation myself), I just didn’t want to take my eyes off it and let it get away. Yep, another water moccasin! Larry held the snake with a hoe while I hit it over the head. Sorry to say it also went to snake heaven.

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